Find your inner peace and shine with happiness.

Find your
inner peace
and shine with happiness.

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Coaching, workshops and spiritual journeys for YOU.

Art is healing for your soul.

Every human being has an immense treasure trove of talents, abilities and potential. But over the years we tend to put our own dreams and interests aside – for the children, the company, our partner or our own parents. With my coaching, creative workshops and spiritual journeys we will track down your hidden soul desires and let your heart shine in its most beautiful coulors.

Questions to you:

  • Do you wish for more strength, joie de vivre and healing?
  • Do you long for a loving relationship with yourself and others?
  • Would you like to live unconditional love with a partner?
  • Are you looking for the right path for you in life, at work and with your family?
  • Would you like to finally let your heart shine and dance in all its facets?

Maybe you don’t even know what you’re looking for or what exactly you want to change. But deep inside you feel that there must be more than is visible in front of you. For me as a heart coach, hidden worlds of the soul are palpable and valuable. Because this is where growth, healing and the deep realization that everything is already right and there begins.

Let’s open your inner treasure chest together. So that you can finally live the love and freedom your heart has longed for for so long.

In love
Your Antonella

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what does your heart need
to be happy?

Let’s discover it together!


Would you like to let your heart shine and dance in all its facets?

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Do you want to find yourself through your creativity? Lots of colourful surprises are waiting for you!

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Your time-out with meditative painting and designing in dreamy places of power!

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Kids & family

The magical retreat for the whole family!

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Your questions to Antonella

For all people in all phases of life. For all souls who want to consciously change something in their lives with the help of creativity and meditative painting and design.

Peaceful, relaxed and appreciative. Often something comes loose, sometimes a little tear flows. It can also be tears of joy.

Everyone is different, that’s why Antonella adapts to your needs. As a start, an impulse discussion takes place at eye level. After that, a creative, practical part can follow. Afterwards, what has been painted, discussed or felt is reflected on together.

Through her easy, relaxed and compassionate nature and her wealth of experience. In addition, she herself has mastered many ups and downs in life with a lot of love and understanding.

Coaching, creative workshops and spiritual journeys can give impulses or lead to profound changes. The goal is always a life of love and harmony.

This is different for every soul and every human being. It depends on where you are and what you are willing to move. Everything is possible, nothing is expected.

Easy and online on this site. To do this, click on the button below your desired offer. You will then be guided through the booking process.

Zoom is an online tool that we use to meet each other via video conference free of charge. Our coaching feels like a real meeting. Especially in times of Corona, we have a relaxed opportunity to work together flexibly and regardless of location (you can find the download here: Download Zoom ). Please install Zoom Cloud Meeting on your mobile phone.

Important: I will email you the Zoom invitation for your appointment the evening before the event.

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What I particularly appreciate about Antonella is her calm, extremely approachable and appreciative manner. She accompanies thought processes and does not dictate them. Conversations with her have an effect, especially in particularly important periods of life.

Suzanne, heart coaching

Antonella’s mindful nature brings out the personal resources to deal with a wide variety of situations. You always leave appointments with her with a lot of positive energy, new perspectives and a strengthened personality. The fact that wit and charm are not neglected makes it easy to address difficult topics.

Elizabeth, heart coaching

Antonella Kramer has accompanied me for many years through challenging times, both privately and professionally. I got to know them as very structured and focused people. She is versatile, always open to new things and very emphatic.

Sebastian, Soulmate coaching

Thanks to Antonella’s relaxed and easy-going manner, it was easy for me to let go after a short time and indulge in the colours and my imagination. It was amazing what was revealed.

Ludmilla, Chakra workshop

Thanks to Antonella’s relaxed and easy-going manner, it was easy for me to let go after a short time and indulge in the colours and my imagination. It was amazing what was revealed.

barbara, heart coaching

Through soul mate coaching I understood that we are all on a journey. Now I understand the patterns and no longer feel helpless. I am very happy that I took this step.

Ulrich, Soulmate coaching

Through the Feng Shui workshop I started to redesign our rooms. After we moved I didn’t really feel comfortable. Now it feels like home again.

Sylvia, Feng Shui workshop

Warm, authentic and absolutely helpful. Thank you for everything.

Norbert, Self love workshop

Antonella’s heart picture brings so much joy and love into our home! thank you

Jan, owner of a picture of the heart

Inspiring, appreciative, sustainable. Thank you!

Oli, Soulmate coaching

Heart mail from Antonella

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