About me

Heart coach and artist
from the bottom of my soul.

Nice that you found me. My name is Antonella Barbara and I am a heart coach, artist and passionate mom. Intuitive and creative painting has accompanied me my whole life. Even as a child, I could immerse myself in bright colors and shapes for hours, giving deep expression to my feelings. This is how I learned to return to my inner peace and focus again and again in the great ocean of life.

As a young woman, I studied art and business administration. Like most people, I decided to start with a regular job. In the financial sector, I looked after companies from start-ups to large corporations. In the event area, I organized parent-child events for more conscious family time. Actually, my heart never stopped longing for its spiritual roots. A stroke of fate was my key experience. Since then I have explored numerous areas of art and healing and have undergone intensive training as a coach.

“In art and in love we meet ourselves. Here we find deep peace and radiant happiness.”


My desire to accompany other people on their soul path was born: through heart coaching and with the help of heart images. These intuitively painted pictures and works of art spring from our inner being and carry a spiritual message. They help us to find out what changes our soul longs for. Most of the time, they already have the solution within themselves. Would you like to embark on this wonderful, creative soul journey with me?

As a heart coach, I offer you a peaceful ground. This is how your love can ground itself. This is how your heart pictures and works of art can grow. And so your soul can blossom in all colors and facets. In addition to my vocation as a coach, I love the carefree time with my children. I also like fragrant flowers, lively music, warming rays of sunshine, the soothing sound of the sea and hearts in all colours, shapes and patterns.

What does your heart need
to be happy?

Let’s discover it together!


Would you like to let your heart shine and dance in all its facets?

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