Heart coaching for greater clarity and focus in your life.

Has this desire for change existed for a long time? Just what exactly and how? Tell me what you have in mind. So we use pens, brushes and paints. You are free to write, draw or paint your thoughts and feelings. Make a spontaneous decision. With each piece of paper during heart coaching it becomes clearer what is important to you and how you can best accomplish it.

“Life has many treasures in store for you. Be curious. You will love it.”


Step by step, let’s walk your creative path together and lead to the goal: to yourself. All the answers to your questions are here in your heart. Filled with calm, security and love, acknowledge what your heart wants to tell you. Feelings and blocks can be released. Freedom and lightness can grow. Dreams and wishes can finally be seen and lived.

for the heart and soul

I say yes to my heart’s desires!

Online via Zoom or on the phone

60 minutes – 360€

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